Greetings from Ho Chi Minh City!

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The children who live in Ho Chi Minh City and that are a part of Feed and teach sent us this picture! They are very thankful and happy that we gave them the 5 000 SEK we won in the competition Webbstjärnan. Now they are able to eat proper meals during the whole summer!



Our last lesson together…

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So finally… our last lesson together…


Here is the video Ellen and I made for you. The song is: Thank you for the moments – SIX. The video is in Swedish!

From Sara with love…


We are writing Fanfiction!

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The last thing we are doing is writing Fanfiction. If you want to find out how we did you can take a look here: Sara Bruun

Victoria and Mira wrote about the movie Frozen. Something strange happened to Olaf:

Olaf and the Heat


Emil, Filip E and William chose Lord of the Rings and Star Warsified it:

Lord of the Stars


Victor C and Rasmus suddenly found Batman on the Titanic!

Titanic 3


Linus wrote a mix of three different Manga:

Hey! That’s my lunch!

Julia, Naomi and Filippa are not Mean Girls, they only like to write about them:

Mean Girls



/ 9C


Feed and teach

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We have decided to donate 5 000 SEK from the money we won in the competition Webbstjärnan to the organisation www.feedandteach.se

40 kids can now eat a proper meal 3 times a day during the whole summer.



/ 9C


We won!!!!

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We won gold in our category in Webbstjärnan 2015! We are so incredibly happy!!


Some pictures taken from Webbstjärnans FB
Music from bensound.com


// 9C



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Today you have watched the first part of the movie Precious.
Use Answergarden below and write the first word you think of that is related to the movie:






WE are in the final!

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We are so happy! We are in the final of the competition Webbstjärnan! Our blog is nominated in the category year 7-9.

Nominerade bidrag 7-9

See you in Stockholm!





Wild Futures

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Today I got a message from Mr Paul Reynolds from the Wild Futures organization. He is an educator and works with the Wild Futures project. They support projects overseas but they are also working to protect primates and habitats worldwide.

We are able to ”visit” the Monkey Sanctuary on April the 28th. The aim of this Skype lesson is:

”This discussion focuses on the effects of keeping primates in captivity, taking a particular focus on the primate pet trade and its welfare and conservation implications. The speaker will sometimes be able to show the students some of the rescued monkeys, who will be in their enclosures, and discuss their individual stories to help students understand the implications of keeping primates.” (Skypeintheclassrom.com)

So we need to prepare this lesson!

Work in your groups and be able to tell your friends what you have found out.

Group 1 – find out what a Monkey sanctuary actually is. What are they doing? Where in the world can you find Wild Futures?

Group 2- find out what kind of monkeys you can find in the sanctuary. Why are the monkeys there? Tell the other groups about two different monkeys.

Group 3- What does ”Adopt a Monkey” mean? How much does it cost?

Group 4- What does ”Pet trade” mean? What are Wild Futures doing to stop the pet trading?


Picture: Wildfutures.org


Unfortunately, this Skype session didn’t work at all. The internet connection was too bad because of the weather. We decide to send them video messages instead. Hopefully they will respond.


Our wedding trip!

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I, Travie, and my wife Laura, went to Los Angeles. Unfortunately, my wife got some voice problems so you only hear me…!

Follow me and my husband Tom to USA!

#weddingtrip #TrueFurutorpRomance

Emma and Michael went to Australia:



Rösta på oss! Vote for us!

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This blog post will be in Swedish since we want as many people as possible to vote!


Från och med nu kan du gå in och rösta på vårt bidrag i tävlingen Webbstjärnan som denna blogg deltar i. Förra året blev vi bland de 8 bästa lagen i Sverige, men nådde inte riktigt ända fram. I år satsar vi stenhårt på guldet och behöver er hjälp. Om vi blir nominerade kommer vi ett steg närmre vårt mål med denna blogg: att ta Vinslövs ungdomarna ut i världen. Om vi kommer vidare får vi delta på en festkväll i Stockholm.

Gå in och rösta på vårt bidrag så att vi har chans att kamma hem Allmänhetens röst.

Du behöver en e-post för att kunna rösta. Röstningen stänger 15/4. Du röstar genom att klicka på länken Allmänhetens röst ovan. Till höger på sidan ser du Rösta på bidraget – där skriver du en kort motivering och fyller sedan i din E-post adress.

OBS – du får ett bekräftelsemail på att du röstat. Du MÅSTE klicka på länken inne i mailet för att rösten ska räknas!

Har du flera mailadresser funkar det finfint att rösta med allihop! :)

Nu kööööööör vi!


Man kan också nominera lärare. Du kan läsa mer om det här:  Lärarpriset. Om du vill nominera en lärare skickar du ett mail med din motivering till support@webbstjärnan.se

/ 9C och Sara

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