Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Thanks to all of you who have supported us !

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

We will be back on the 9th of January 2015. Mira has created this poem in Canva.

/ 9CMira 2( Th



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We have worked with the app Canva and created poems. Canva is a very easy app to understand. It is also good that the pictures in the app are free to use.

First of all we read an extract from the book The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian. Then we gathered words that had to do with emotions. Here you can find our poems. Enjoy! / 9C


Written by William




Written by Sarah and Linus



Written by: Filip P, Victor SB, Filip E


Written by Filippa and Johanna


Written by Saga



Written by Emil and Johanna C




Written by Julia and Naomi


Our films and quizzes!

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We have worked with history. We have found our information and pictures here: Schoolhistory. To create the films we used ordinary PowerPoints/ Google Slides and Screencastomatic to add the sound.


We (Naomi, Filippa and Johanna J) have worked with Elisabeth 1 :




Here is the film we (Johanna and Victoria) made about the Spanish Armada:



Here is our film (Filip/Rasmus) about Jack the Ripper:





Here’s our film: The making of the UK and the Union Jack

Here is our quiz; Making of the UK and the Union Jack 



#dragonenglish is finished!

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We have now finished #dragonenglish.

Linus is a huge fan of fantasy. He has written his own fantasy text. Jessica Chermaie, the author of ”Secrets of the truth” has read it and she thinks:


I was thoroughly impressed at the story especially at Linus’s age. I’m a huge fan of Arthurian legend and really enjoyed his unique twist.
I thought he did a great job creating a strong plot. He increased his tension coming to a climatic moment and resolved it.
Just a few suggestions: Gary needs a little more development. Although his fight was a struggle, Gary always succeeded except in the beginning with Lancelot. We need to see Gary’s growth throughout the story. He has to fail and learn from those failures. This doesn’t have to be done with the knights but maybe a few other obstacles. Also, we need to understand how Gary is thrown into Arthurian times already equipped with a knowledge to fight these legendary knights. Lastly and this is a struggle for even seasoned writers, showing and not telling. Be careful to not dictate to the reader what’s going on, but to include the reader into the story. Using the five senses in your scenes is a trick for this.
As I said though, it’s really good and to think of his age is incredible. He has a bright future for him in writing for sure. Also, if he enjoys Arthurian legend, he might like Mary Stewart’s Merlin trilogy. Arthurian legend through the eyes of Merlin. It’s interesting.
Thank so much for sharing that story. It was a pleasure.
Lots of <3,
Jessica Dragon Cheramie
If you would like to read Linus’s text you can find it here:


We have really enjoyed #dragonenglish and would like to thank the authors who have helped us:

Jessica Chermaie

J.D Robinson

Your books are great!

Thanks for helping us!



The dark history of London

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Halloween…blood… a dark history…

Linus visited London a few weeks ago. He went to The Dungeons and was thrilled!

He has made a film about The dark history of London for you:



Another way to write about a book

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Since I didn’t feel like writing in the ways that Sara suggested, I came up with another idea.

I want to write about how I think the book that I’m reading will continue/end, since we haven’t finished them.

You write how you think the book will end based on what you’ve already read. You can quote things to connect them with how you think that they will develop, and you can explain how you think certain things will turn out and why.

If you’d like to finish the book like I want to, you can later on add on to your text how the book ended and if it was anything like you thought it would end.

Feel free to use this idea if you want to.

// Mira:)


Listen to us speaking about conflicts in the books

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Yeah, I updated…

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So, I updated our 8C pic, since we’re not 8C anymore. Here it is;



It’s practically the same:)

//Mira :D



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During this lesson I want you work with the text below called Reading log 4.

1.Work in your groups and help each other.

2.Speak English during your discussions. Use an Ipad, Soundcloud, and

record your disussions.

3. Summarize your discussions here in the blog. Describe the conflicts. Use quotes from the book to show what the conflicts are about.

You can choose if you want to publish what you have talked about or if you want to write it as a comment. If you want to publish from Soundcloud – please let me know and I will help you.

Reading log 4. How far have you read? Page:
Almost all novels have conflicts of some kind. Sometimes they are between two or more people (external conflicts), and sometimes the conflict is within the characters themselves, (internal conflicts). Try to find examples of both of these kinds of conflicts. The character might for example be fighting with another character, and that would make an external conflict, or the character might be struggling with him‐ or herself over something he/she has done that he/she knows was wrong.

Describe the conflicts.

Give examples and use quotes from the book to show what those

conflicts are about.





Continue reading!

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What do you think about the author’s descriptions of the environment?
Are they too long, too few, beautiful, realistic, etc?
Can you visualize the environment? (Create pictures in your head while you are reading)
The environment is not just the landscape. It’s also feelings.
Give examples and use one or two quotes from the book!
Write your answers here in the blog before Friday the 3rd of October.


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